Who is Roma Army? Everything You Need to Know

In the realm of social media activism, Roma Army has emerged as a distinct voice, particularly on the platform TikTok. Known in real life as Chloe Sunderland, she is recognized for her advocacy of gender equality, focusing notably on the male perspective within the discourse. Her content, which often touches on sensitive and hot-button issues, has been both celebrated and scrutinized, sparking dialogue among her extensive following.

Chloe Sunderland, alias Roma Army, was born on June 1, 1997, and her journey from Romania to Canada as a young child marked the beginning of a life that would eventually lead her to internet notoriety. Engaging with her audience from her very own bathroom mirror, her TikTok presence under the username @romaarmy has captivated viewers with a blend of personal anecdotes and outspoken viewpoints, earning her both admiration and controversy.

With a style that’s anything but timid, Roma Army uses her online platforms to shed light on topics often left in the dark, challenging societal norms and encouraging her followers to engage in more inclusive conversations about gender. Yet, even beyond her social advocacy, she shares snippets of her personal life, including moments with her daughter, further humanizing the woman behind the Roma Army persona.


Roma Army has made a notable presence on social media, particularly known for advocating gender equality. Her content, often blending her personal experiences with broader social themes, resonates with a vast audience online.

Early Life

Chloe Roma, best known as Roma Army, entered the world in 1997. Her early years unfolded in Romania before her family relocated to Canada when she was just two. Growing up, she was exposed to diverse cultures, which likely informed her later activism.

Real Name and Nationality

While many know her as Roma Army, her birth name is Chloe Sunderland. She holds Canadian nationality, having spent most of her life in Canada after her family’s move from Romania. Chloe identifies herself with the values and societal norms of her adopted country, which is reflected in the content she creates.

Social Media Presence

Roma Army, also known as Chloe Sunderland, has garnered significant attention across various social media platforms, leveraging each to reach and engage with a wide audience, especially on topics of men’s rights and gender equity.

TikTok Rise to Fame

Her TikTok account has been a pivotal point of her social media influence. Rising to fame through a blend of entertainment and advocacy, she has amassed over 1.4 million followers on the platform. These followers are drawn to her content for its unique blend of humor and serious discussion on societal issues.

Instagram and Twitter

On Instagram and Twitter, her presence is marked by a mix of personal insights, updates, and engagements. Her Instagram handle, @romaarmy, showcases a more personal side, while her Twitter account, @The_RomaArmy, often serves as a platform for advocacy and connecting with her audience through various discussions and updates.

YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel under her name further extends her outreach. Detailed and longer-form content regarding men’s rights finds a home here, allowing her to deepen discussions and share more extensive viewpoints. The channel serves as a critical component of her social media ecosystem, offering a video library of her contributions to various social causes.

Facebook and Other Platforms

Her Facebook presence, though less highlighted in the public discourse, complements her other platforms by enabling a broader discussion with her audience. Roma Army is also present on other platforms, each offering a different facet of her online persona and advocacy work. This multi-platform strategy ensures that she engages with a diverse audience across the social media spectrum.

Career Highlights

Before jumping into the details, know that Roma Army has carved out a significant presence online. She’s primarily celebrated as a TikTok star, but her reach has extended to other media platforms as well.

TikTok Star

Roma Army, whose real name is Chloe Roma, made a splash with her TikTok videos focused on gender equality content. It’s in front of her bathroom mirror where most of her thought-provoking clips are shot. This creativity has paid off—she’s not just another face on the app but rather a vocal influencer with quite the follower count to back it up.

Expansion to Other Media

Her advocacy isn’t limited to TikTok; Chloe Roma — as she’s also known — spreads her message across multiple social media platforms. The transition to platforms beyond TikTok has allowed her to engage with a wider audience, strengthening her voice in the realm of social issues. This expansion solidifies her stance not only as a TikTok star but a full-fledged social media star.

Advocacy and Public Persona

Chloe Roma, known online as Roma Army, is a social media influencer recognized for her vocal stance on gender equality and her engagement with her audience. Despite facing opposition, she maintains an influential presence across various platforms.

Gender Equality Stance

Roma Army has consistently positioned herself as a proponent for men’s rights within the broader conversation on gender equality. She argues against the notion that only women face victimization, highlighting instances where men are unfairly treated. Her content on platforms like YouTube and TikTok addresses these issues, presenting a perspective that has led to a significant following and a degree of controversy.

Interactions with Followers

She actively interacts with her followers, often creating content that resonates with their experiences and challenges. Roma Army shapes her advocacy through dialogue, taking into account the opinions and stories of her audience. This approach has helped her build a community that feels represented and supported in the discussion on gender inequality.

Reactions from Critics

Critics have not shied away from challenging Roma Army’s viewpoints, sometimes leading to heated debates across social media. She has been scrutinized for her views, especially within the context of the gender equality movement. Nevertheless, she continues her advocacy work and appears to take these critiques as an integral part of public discourse on sensitive gender-related topics.

Personal Life

Chloe Roma, also known by her online moniker Roma Army, is quite private when it comes to her personal life. However, she has shared some insights into her dating experiences and family background, contributing to her distinct perspective on social issues.

Dating and Relationships

Roma Army has been vocal about her viewpoints on gender equality which has been reflected in her approach to dating and relationships. Information about her current dating status is scarce, although she has occasionally mentioned her experiences with past relationships in her content, emphasizing men’s rights and issues.

Family Background

Her family background includes a mix of ethnicity as she was born in Romania and later moved to Canada, blending both cultures in her daily life. Details regarding her family are limited, but she has revealed her Gemini zodiac sign in her social media profiles. There are mentions of a daughter in some of her content, suggesting she is a mother, which adds another layer to her life experiences influencing her advocacy work. However, specific details about her family and whether she has a mixed ethnicity heritage remain undisclosed.

Controversies and Scandals

Roma Army, a social media personality known for men’s rights advocacy, has been at the center of numerous public scandals and has received significant criticism on various social media platforms.

Public Scandals

Roma Army has made headlines for her staunch defense of men’s rights. Often, this has resulted in public outcry and backlash. In one instance, Chloe Sunderland, known as Roma Army, was involved in a controversy related to her stance on gender equality, which has polarized audiences.

Social Media Criticisms

Through her active presence on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, she has attracted critics who question her approach and the impact of her content. Her TikTok account was notably deactivated, which sparked discussions around the nature of her advocacy. Videos and criticisms around this event highlight the ongoing debate over her role in the men’s rights movement.

Online Ventures

Roma Army, also known as Chloe Sunderland, has built a significant online presence through diverse ventures ranging from social media to business initiatives.

Business Endeavors

Roma Army has engaged in several business endeavors to leverage her online influence. She operates a Patreon account where she offers exclusive content to her patrons. This platform provides tiers with various benefits, including access to private chat rooms, behind-the-scenes content, and personalized messages. Additionally, she often incorporates cosplay elements into her brand, which helps her tap into niche markets and communities.

Digital Content Creation

Her digital content creation extends across platforms like Twitch where she streams regularly, sharing her life perspectives and interacting with a live audience. Sunderland is well-known for her iconic bathroom mirror talks where she delivers candid discussions on topics related to gender and social issues. This unique approach has helped her carve out a distinctive niche in the digital landscape. Her content is often shared and debated across social circles, underlining her impact as a social influencer.

Social Stats

When it comes to online presence, Roma Army — also known as Chloe Roma — stands out through her dedicated advocacy for men’s rights and gender equality. Her engagement across platforms showcases a substantial following that reflects her impact on contemporary social discussions.

Popularity Metrics

YouTube: Roma Army’s footprint on YouTube is significant, evidenced by the detailed analysis on Social Blade. Here, you can track her progress with live sub counts and view future predictions.

Social Media Reach: On platforms like TikTok, Roma Army, known in real life as Chloe Roma, has attracted massive followings with her gender equality content. This has ballooned to over 1.4 million followers, as mentioned on Pop Creep.

Net Worth and Influence: While exact numbers regarding her net worth are not specified, her online presence suggests a notable degree of influence, largely due to her social media activity and the content she delivers consistently across various platforms.

Personal Interests

Chloe Sunderland, widely recognized as Roma Army, brings a blend of intriguing hobbies and a lifestyle that resonates with her online persona. She doesn’t shy away from sharing aspects of her life that capture her followers’ attention beyond her advocacy work.

Hobbies and Lifestyle

Roma Army’s hobbies reflect a blend of creativity and advocacy. When she’s not in front of the camera discussing gender equality, she might be indulging in activities that relax her or bolster her creativity—though specifics about these pastimes aren’t extensively documented.

Born on June 1, 1997, Sunderland celebrates her birthday in the summertime, potentially enjoying outdoor activities or gathering with friends and family. Given her presence on social media and stance on personal rights, it wouldn’t be surprising if she spends part of her birthday engaging with her audience.

Regarding her relationship status, details about being single or having a boyfriend are typically private, and Chloe chooses to keep this aspect of her life away from media scrutiny. This aligns with the persona who values the importance of personal boundaries.

In her public appearances or social media posts, you might notice tattoos adorning her skin, which hints at a form of self-expression, often seen as a reflection of an individual’s personality and interests.

While her religious views, including whether she subscribes to Christianity or another faith, are not prominently featured in her public profile, it’s common for influencers like her to keep their spiritual beliefs private unless it is a focal point of their platform.

Media Coverage

The media spotlight on Roma Army, also known as Chloe Roma, has been significant, with various platforms covering her advocacy and online presence.

In the Public Eye

Chloe Roma, better known as Roma Army on social media, has garnered media attention for her activism in men’s rights. Her online content extends to platforms like TikTok where she operates under the handle @romaarmy, creating videos that often challenge societal norms regarding gender equality. These videos have been a central part of her biography in the media.

She has faced controversy over the years, which includes having personal photos leaked. Despite this, Roma Army continues to push forward with her message. Furthermore, Chloe Roma has an OnlyFans account, a subscription-based platform often associated with adult content, where she goes by @roma_gree_goddess. This aspect of her online life has also received media coverage, attracting both support and criticism.

Reportedly, Chloe Roma actively manages her public image and media coverage, responding to both positive and negative attention in a manner that aligns with her outspoken online persona.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roma Army has sparked considerable attention with her activism and content, leading to a series of commonly asked questions about her advocacy, controversies, and personal life.

What is the Roma Army known for advocating?

She is a vocal advocate for men’s rights, challenging conventional gender norms and speaking out on issues that affect men, which has placed her in the spotlight within social advocacy circles.

How has Roma Army’s content influenced the men’s rights movement in 2023?

Roma Army’s content has continued to stir conversation in 2023, providing a platform to discuss men’s issues, which has both supported the men’s rights movement and incited debate regarding her approach.

What was the controversy surrounding Roma Army beating a man?

Controversy arose from a claim that Roma Army was involved in an incident where she allegedly beat a man. This claim spread across social media but details and outcomes of the incident remain conflicted, with various narratives shared online.

Is there any significance behind Roma Army’s tattoos?

Her tattoos have attracted public curiosity, often interpreted as expressions of her personal beliefs and life experiences, reflecting her commitment to the causes she stands for.

How did Roma Army respond to the news of her pregnancy?

She addressed her pregnancy by sharing the news with her followers on social media, embracing this new chapter in her life while maintaining her online presence and activist efforts.

What kind of videos does Chloe Sunderland, known as Roma Army, post on TikTok?

Chloe Sunderland produces content on TikTok that ranges from comedic skits to serious discussions on gender roles, all contributing to her growing notoriety as a social media personality and advocate.