Who Makes Predator Generators? Is It Worth Considering?

Predator generators have become a popular choice among consumers looking for reliable portable power solutions. These generators are a product of Harbor Freight Tools, a well-established retailer known for providing an extensive range of tools and equipment. Harbor Freight Tools, which is based in the United States, has been serving the market since 1977 and has since built a reputation for offering durable and affordable products catering to various power needs.

Despite the branding and distribution being firmly rooted in the US, the manufacturing of Predator generators takes place abroad. The manufacturing process involves Chinese companies, including Loncin, which has been identified as the producer of Predator engines. Harbor Freight Tools, through its commitment to quality, oversees the creation of these generators and maintains quality control facilities, such as their establishment in Calabasas, California, to ensure that each Predator generator meets their standards and the expectations of their customers.

Harbor Freight’s Predator line offers a spectrum of generators suitable for casual users and professionals alike, making it an accessible choice for a range of buyers. The organization’s approach to quality and affordability has allowed the Predator brand to secure a strong presence in the generator market. Consequently, Harbor Freight Tools has solidified its position, not just as a retailer but also as a reliable name in the power tools and equipment industry.

Manufacturer of Predator Generators

Predator Generators are known for their reliability and affordability in the power tools sector.

Parent Company

Harbor Freight Tools is the parent company that produces Predator generators. Established in 1977, this United States-based company has a reputation for supplying a variety of tools and equipment, including portable generators under the Predator brand.

Manufacturing Locations

The assumption that Predator generators and engines are built in the United States by Harbor Freight Tools holds prevalence. However, it is reported that the actual manufacturing is carried out by a Chinese company called Loncin, and Harbor Freight itself has a quality control facility in Calabasas, California, ensuring the products meet certain standards before distribution.

Product Line Overview

Predator generators, known for their durability and affordability, cater to a wide range of power needs through distinct product lines. Each line is designed with specific features and uses in mind, ensuring that customers can find a generator suitable for their requirements.

Portable Generators

Predator’s portable generators are built for ease of movement and versatility. They range in power from small, lightweight models ideal for camping trips to more robust units that can support construction tools on job sites. Their portability makes them a popular choice for outdoor activities and emergency home use during power outages.

Inverter Generators

Predator also offers inverter generators, which are favored for their quiet operation and efficiency. These generators are typically more compact and produce cleaner power, making them suitable for sensitive electronic devices. The inverter technology allows for a consistent electrical current that can safely power laptops, televisions, and other household electronics without the risk of damage.

Standby Generators

Lastly, Predator’s range includes standby generators, designed to provide an automatic backup power solution for homes and businesses. These generators are installed permanently and can automatically start in the event of a power outage, providing seamless transition to ensure continuity in power supply. Standby generators vary in size to accommodate different power loads, from essential circuits to powering entire buildings.

Quality and Manufacturing Standards

Predator generators are known for maintaining high quality and manufacturing standards. These standards are reflective of the rigorous processes and certifications the products undergo to ensure durability, reliability, and safety for the consumer.


Predator generators are built to adhere to various industry certifications, which exhibit the brand’s commitment to safety and quality. They meet standard specifications set by authoritative bodies, ensuring that every unit leaving the production line is compliant with both national and international guidelines.

Quality Control Processes

During manufacturing, Predator generators are subject to stringent quality control processes. The procedures include multiple stages of inspection to identify and correct any defects. This detailed approach encompasses:

  • Pre-production inspection
  • In-line production checks
  • Post-production tests

These steps help to maintain the integrity of Predator generators, delivering consistent performance as they make their way to consumers.

Market Presence

Predator generators are products of Harbor Freight Tools, a company renowned for their wide array of tools and equipment. Strengthening their market presence, Predator generators are distributed extensively within the United States and have a growing international presence.

Domestic Distribution

Predator generators are available across the United States primarily through Harbor Freight Tools, a nationwide retailer with a substantial number of stores. They offer these generators alongside a diverse range of other products, making them a go-to source for affordable and reliable power solutions for various applications. The brand has solidified its local market presence by combining quality with competitive pricing.

International Reach

While Harbor Freight Tools does not have physical stores globally, the international reach of Predator generators is expanding. Through online sales and shipping, consumers from different parts of the world can access these products. This global distribution network continues to enhance the visibility and availability of Predator generators to international customers.

Innovation in Design

Predator generators are recognized for integrating cutting-edge technologies and user-centric features to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Technological Advances

Predator generators incorporate advanced inverter technology, which allows them to produce clean energy that is safe for sensitive electronics. This capability is essential for users who rely on delicate apparatus and need assurance against power irregularities. Moreover, they often boast improved fuel efficiency, affirming their position as an economical choice for long-term operation.

Custom Features

The design of Predator generators often includes customized control panels tailored to enhance user experience. They may feature easy-to-read gauges and clearly labeled outlets for straightforward operation, even in challenging conditions. Additionally, these generators could come equipped with low-oil shutoff sensors to protect the engine from damage, a testament to their user-focused design philosophy.

Customer Support and Services

Harbor Freight Tools, the company behind Predator generators, provides comprehensive support and services to ensure customer satisfaction and product reliability.

Warranty Policies

Predator generators come with a generous warranty period, which varies depending on the specific model purchased. The standard offer includes a 90-day guarantee for both parts and labor, with extended service plans available for additional purchase. Customers are advised to register their product upon purchase to facilitate swift warranty service, if required.

After-Sales Services

The company prides itself on providing excellent after-sales support. This includes technical support, available via phone or email, to assist with any queries or issues customers might encounter. Moreover, a network of authorized service centers ensures that customers receive professional repairs and maintenance services. Customers also benefit from a well-stocked parts department, offering replacement parts to prolong the lifespan of their generators.

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of Predator generators encompasses both their sustainability initiatives and compliance with emissions standards, which are pivotal in mitigating the ecological footprint of these power sources.

Sustainability Initiatives

Predator generators, produced by Harbor Freight Tools, involve various sustainability efforts. These initiatives aim to reduce environmental impact through improved manufacturing processes and resource management. For example, the company focuses on optimizing the efficiency of generators to lower fuel consumption and the associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Emissions Standards Compliance

Compliance with emissions standards is a key aspect of Predator generators’ environmental strategy. They are designed to meet specific environmental regulations that govern the release of pollutants. This includes adherence to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines in the United States, ensuring that these generators are contributing to efforts to maintain air quality and reduce the release of harmful substances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before diving into the details, it’s important to note that Predator generators have become a go-to choice for many due to their robustness and affordability. They are often compared with other brands on various parameters such as manufacturing, performance, and reliability.

What company is behind the manufacturing of Predator generators?

Predator generators are manufactured by Harbor Freight Tools, a well-known American retailer that supplies engines and other components primarily from the Lifan Group, a reputable engine maker based in China.

What are the similarities between Predator and Honda generators?

Predator generators are similar to Honda generators in that earlier models of Predator generators used engines from Honda and other companies. They both strive to offer reliable power solutions and share common traits such as inverter technology for clean power and fuel efficiency.

Which is more reliable, Champion or Predator generators?

Both Champion and Predator generators have their strengths and are considered reliable by many consumers. The choice between the two often depends on personal preferences and specific use-cases, as both brands receive favorable reviews for their performance and durability.

How does the Predator 9500 compare to other models in terms of performance?

The Predator 9500 stands out among other Predator models with its powerful output and electric start feature. It is often praised for its high power output relative to its size, making it a competitive option for heavy-duty applications.

Can parts for Predator generators be easily sourced?

Parts for Predator generators can typically be sourced without much difficulty. Many components are interchangeable with other common generator brands, and Harbor Freight Tools provides support for their products.

What is the general consensus on the quality of Predator generators?

The general consensus on Predator generators is that they offer a good balance between cost and quality. Many users recommend them for their solid construction, longevity, and the availability of parts and service. They are considered a reliable choice for both occasional and frequent power needs.