Who Makes Summit Tires? Is It Worth Considering?

Summit Tires have become a notable brand in the tire industry, recognized for their diverse range of products suitable for various vehicle types. Much of the tire market’s branding can be complex, with numerous manufacturers and distributors involved in the process of getting tires from production to the consumer. The brand Summit Tires is associated with the American company Tire Alliance Group, a detail that is important for consumers seeking to understand the origin of the tires they might be considering for their vehicles.

Assessing the quality and background of a tire brand often requires understanding who is responsible for their manufacturing. While Summit is an established name in America, the production of these tires involves several global players. Sentury Tire, a Chinese manufacturer, is notable for its role in the creation of Summit Tires, bringing an international element to the tire’s production. This approach has significant implications for the company‚Äôs capacity to supply various markets and maintain quality across its product lines.

History of Summit Tires

In exploring the journey of Summit Tires, one finds a legacy of entrepreneurial spirit and strategic growth. The company’s roots intertwine with the aspirations of independent tire distributors who desired to establish a brand dedicated to value and quality.

Origins and Ownership

Summit Tires was established in 1974 by a coalition of five independent tire distributors. These founders set out with the intention of creating a product line that would serve the everyday needs of American drivers. The company’s inception was grounded in the principle of delivering quality tires at a competitive price point, a concept that was quickly embraced by the market. In later years, Summit Tires would come under the wing of the widely recognized Tire Alliance Groupe (TAG), enhancing its market reach and brand strength.

Brand Evolution

Over the years, Summit Tires has seen considerable development in its product offerings. The brand has consistently aimed to cover a broad spectrum of vehicle needs, ensuring coverage for over 90% of the vehicles on the road. With advancements in tire technology and expansion in the variety of tire types, Summit Tires adapts to changing market demands. The production behind the brand is attributed to Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd., a Chinese manufacturer with facilities in both China and Thailand. Under this manufacturing powerhouse, Summit Tires has further solidified its position by offering diverse tire lines such as Landsail, Delinte, and Sentury.

Manufacturing of Summit Tires

Summit Tires are the result of thorough manufacturing processes that reflect the commitment to quality and performance. The company’s production facilities and quality control processes are integral to the end product favored by consumers.

Production Facilities

Summit Tires are manufactured by Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd., a recognized Chinese tire manufacturer with expansive production capabilities. The company operates sophisticated factories in Qingdao, China, and Thailand, ensuring a consistent supply of tires. These facilities are designed to produce a wide assortment of tires, encompassing everything from passenger car tires to light truck and commercial truck tires.

Quality Control Processes

During manufacturing, Summit Tires undergoes rigorous quality control processes to uphold the high standard expected of them. The company employs advanced testing methods to verify the durability, safety, and performance of each tire. This includes evaluating tire tread life, resistance to wear, and performance under various driving conditions. Each tire must pass these meticulous inspections before it can reach the consumer.

Product Range of Summit Tires

Summit Tires caters to a diverse market with a variety of tire needs. They offer a broad selection of tires for various vehicle types, designed to deliver performance and value.

Passenger Vehicle Tires

Summit Tires provides a comprehensive lineup for passenger vehicles that includes all-season, performance, and touring tires. For example, the Summit Ultramax HP is noted for its all-season capabilities and stability at high speeds.

Commercial and Heavy-Duty Tires

On the commercial side, Summit Tires has a strong presence in the heavy-duty tire sector, with products that cover a wide range of applications. These tires are built for longevity and durability, ensuring they can handle the demands of commercial use. The product line-up aims to meet over 90% of the vehicle applications on the road, emphasizing their commitment to serving a broad customer base.

Global Presence

Summit Tires has established a significant global footprint through its extensive distribution network and presence in international markets. This coverage ensures their products are accessible to a broad range of consumers worldwide.

Distribution Network

Summit Tires are distributed under the umbrella of Tire Alliance Groupe (TAG), which bolsters their availability across various regions. The brand’s extensive distribution network covers more than 90% of vehicle types, indicating their substantial reach in the tire industry.

International Markets

The manufacturing of Summit Tires is attributed to Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd., a Chinese company with facilities in Qingdao, China, and Thailand. This enables them to tap into the international markets, furthering their production capabilities and meeting the global demand for their diverse tire lineup.

Technological Innovation

Summit Tires employs advanced technological practices to ensure their products meet the evolving needs of drivers. Cutting-edge tools and processes are at the forefront of their tire manufacturing, setting industry standards in innovation and environmental care.

Research and Development

Summit Tires has a dedicated Research and Development (R&D) division that focuses on creating tires with superior performance and safety features. Their R&D efforts are reflected in the intricate tread designs and the use of high-quality materials, which result in tires that offer improved grip and longer wear life.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is integral to Summit Tires’ technological efforts. They are committed to reducing their ecological footprint through the implementation of eco-friendly manufacturing processes. This includes reducing emissions, recycling materials, and designing tires that are fuel-efficient, contributing to a cleaner environment while making sure the tires are of top-notch quality.

Customer Service and Warranty Policies

Summit Tires extends comprehensive customer service and warranty policies to ensure customer satisfaction and product reliability. Consumers can reach out to the company for assistance and information on tires through various customer support channels.

Roadside Assistance Program
Summit Tire offers a Roadside Assistance program, which is valid for 24 hours a day, all year round, in both the United States and Canada. This service is available for two years from the date of purchase of Summit Tires. Summit Tire Roadside Assistance provides a sense of security to customers, knowing that support is available in case of any tire-related emergencies.

Limited Warranty Policy
Passenger and light truck tires come with a limited warranty. The specifics of this coverage are detailed in each tire’s warranty statement, which outlines the eligibility criteria for warranty claims and the duration of coverage. Customers should review this policy to understand the protections offered and the process for making a claim.

  • Warranty coverage includes:
    • Materials and workmanship defects
    • Tread life for a specified mileage

Customers are advised to keep their purchase documentation, as it is typically required to validate a warranty claim. It is also recommended to regularly maintain tires to ensure they remain within the terms of the warranty.

For more detailed information regarding warranty specifics and customer service support, please refer to the official Summit Tire website or authorized dealers.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will find detailed answers to some of the most common questions regarding Summit brand tires, from their manufacturing origins to consumer feedback on their performance.

What company manufactures Summit brand tires?

Summit tires are produced by Summit Tire, which is an American tire manufacturer. They are part of the Tire Alliance Group and offer various tire types for multiple vehicular uses.

What are the price ranges for Summit tires on the market?

The price for Summit tires varies depending on the type and size needed for different vehicles. They are generally positioned as a value-focused option in the tire market.

Where can I find Summit tires for sale nearby?

Summit tires are available through a network of independent tire distributors. One can also purchase them from various online retailers or local tire shops that stock the brand.

Are Summit Trail Climber tires produced domestically in the United States?

The branding suggests American origins, but specific details about the domestic production of Summit Trail Climber tires would require direct confirmation from the manufacturer or its official resources.

How do Summit tires perform according to consumer reviews?

Consumer reviews generally provide insights into the value and performance of Summit tires, indicating satisfaction with their durability and affordability. Detailed feedback from consumers can be found on forums and product review sites.

Which tire companies are associated with the Tire Alliance Group?

The Tire Alliance Group includes several tire manufacturers and brands, among them is the Summit brand, which collaborates to offer a wide range of tire options to meet the needs of different consumers.